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Twilight Generation Poetry: A Selection of Poems and Documents from 1996 to 2019

Twilight Generation Poetry is a story of redemption. In a broader sense, it is a coming of age story that deals with discovering and creating one’s self through a series of adventures in adolescence as well as a young adult. The book contains not only poems but short stories, e-mail threads, train tickets, receipts, transcripts and various other personal historical documents to contextualize certain poems and themes in the book. There were no specifically intended themes in the creation of this book but three that stand out are depression and anxiety on a generational level as well as a personal level, self-destructive behaviors that cause one to self-sabotage themselves, friendships that survive and restore one even when they are at their lowest low. Other minor themes in the book include the loss of innocence, romantic relationships, as well as masculinity and sexuality. In many of the poems, if not all, the words are directly and literally of a personal and intimate nature. However, many poems also address, figuratively or implicitly if not directly, how perception of masculinity or addiction are things to be questioned on the societal level and not just the personal level. Specifically, questions of this nature are aimed at or centered around the Millennial generation. The author is questioning, defending, and ascertaining the qualities he observes in his peers. The author is interested in writing so as to discover where his generation stands in regard to older as well as newer generations; at the same time, the author is questioning and seeking to find where he stands in regard to his own generation. This book contains many more themes and concepts but coming of age, redemption, self-and-generational discovery are the most prominent.

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"Reification is the Child born when Realism seduces Reverie"

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