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Part-time Dreamer. Full-time Poet.

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My name is Michael Robinson but I prefer to go by Poet on Standby. I am twenty-six and grew up in Manhattan Beach, Southern California. I went to Vistamar High School in El Segundo: this is where my poetry quickly became a dominant and integral part of my life. Several teachers and classmates supported and encouraged me in my trials and tribulations as a writer. After I graduated, I went to Humboldt State University in Northern California where I got my Bachelors in Writing Practices.


There is no topic that I won’t write about. I would not say there is one theme in particular that my poetry explores, there are quite a few actually; innocence, intimacy, and tragedy are some thematics that do come up in a significant portion of my work though.


Another theme that shows up is the balance between the light and the dark in a person as well as in the world: specifically, self-acceptance in regard to accepting the darkest parts of who we are because, in my opinion, those are the parts that most need our care and our love. In high school I was guilty of writing about time fairly often as well as about heart ache (and not necessarily the romantic kind). In addition to the pains of the world, I get a lot out of writing about resiliency.


I want to one day be a full-time poet who helps others through my writing, even if it is in just some small way. that is my dream.


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