In her sparkling debut collection, MK McWilliams meditates on the spaces and times and spacetimes that collide with the human nervous system.



Environment and body, the body environment, personal space and the personable space. The manufacture of a moment, a when; the location of where; a person, a who; all intertwined with the spontaneity and briefness that is the main side-effect of mortality. The human being as a membrane through which time passes, changed. The floating giant eyeball poet, raw and exposed to the elements, all-seeing and -feeling from atop her mobile biped, navigator of life and, when life includes literature, of literature. The poet is free to feel, if she dares. The poet is free to know the world and, if she so chooses, to say that she knows what she knows. She is free to fight. She is free to exclaim, “I am.” To define who that speaker is. This is poetry put to its true purpose. This is poetry skimmed like cream from the top and drawn like clean water from a well. This is the bucket.

Paperback: 88 pages

Language: English

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ISBN-13: 978-1794826687

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