Poem – Running Home (by Darshini Poola)

Ah! The scent of sandalwood;
Drifted into my hostel room;
Wickedly echoing tunes of days bygone,
Of episodes, of memories;
Of Home.
Yes, I missed being home.
The profound realm of my heart;
Where I wore the crown of leaves;
That shaped my resolute beliefs;
Since the day I opened my eyes.
Through the wistful eras when;
To trust, not once did I think twice;
Naivety was a blessing divine.
There was once a time when;
I promised myself;
That I’d never leave this place.
But alas! The crown of leaves;
Now, too small to reach my temples;
Shrunk, shrivelled, slipped unnoticed.
Untold to me, I’d shed a part of myself.
The butterfly had finally detached itself;
From its cocoon’s safe haven;
Intoxicated by liberty.
Indeed, I’d shed a part of myself.
A blunder it was. A blunder, I say.
It all began with the snap of a twig.
Not long before the entire tree wildly shook.
On the verge of being rooted out;
Rotten weeds sinfully stifled my voice;
Artless, I walked into the trap of deceit.
I stood staring at the face of bitter truth.
The world wasn’t the fantasy of my dreams.
My heart raced;
Raced in the hope of stumbling on solace.
Ran till I grazed my sole (soul?) to fire.
To the point of volatility;
Like the scent of sandalwood;
Stranded, I wept in anguish,
“Please take me home!”


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