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Pack Poetry LLC is an American poetry book publishing company founded on January 11, 2018 in Cleves, Ohio by writer Bradley Howington. Pack Poetry works to elevate poetry, promoting poets and their work worldwide. The Pack strives to develop a receptive environment for poetry by reaching new audiences and encouraging new types of poetry.

We publish authors, support poetry, promote writers, and we're always howling at the moon!

Working hard every day to support the writing community is in our blood!

Our Mission

Support poetry, poets and poetic writing, build audiences for poetry, and promote writers and poets worldwide.

Our Logo

Meet Jake.

August 5, 2000 - September 15, 2014.

May he rest in peace.

Our founder chose to make his first dog the face of Pack Poetry and Pack Publishing.


We’ll always create long-term relationships with the writing community and promote existing poetry in every way possible.


The Pack Team is dedicated to our community. It is our duty to always have your best interests in mind.


Going where others won’t and fighting for the creative writing community is what we do. We’ll never allow anyone to hinder your creative vision.


We create an environment and culture where everyone thrives.

There are writers wanting their words to be read, all vying to have their work brought into the light. Pack Poetry is a community of writers supporting writers. We are strong, fearless, and we fight for the writing community.

Bradley Howington, Founder

The Pack Team

Bradley Howington: Founder of Pack Poetry

Bradley Howington


Adeline Gray


Elise Emersyn

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